Terms and Conditions

This is a valid document and is intended to regulate and clarify the responsibilities and obligations between Dream88 Affiliates and all affiliates, including sub-affiliates. Please read this information carefully.


"Inappropriate Content" is not limited to:

pornographic content; content that purposely aimed at children and teenagers; content that promotes racism or discriminates against race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sex preference; content that promotes illegal activities or infringement of intellectual property rights; and Inappropriate Content that is considered illegal.

The terms and conditions of this agreement may use the following description:

Company: means Dream88 Affiliates, Member: means any member of Dream88 Affiliates who registers as a member through your Affiliate Website and make a deposit with Dream88 Affiliates official website. To avoid dishonesty, Members include all "Affiliate Members", "Referral Members", "Players", and "Referral Clients".

Affiliate account registration

To become our partner, you must submit an application form on the official website. An affiliate can have only one affiliate account. Affiliates cannot earn their own game commissions or earn their own game commissions through their respective channels. and cannot bet or play games by creating another account.

Partner Code of Conduct and Responsibilities

Link to our website. By accepting this affiliate program, you agree to create and maintain a unique link on your website associated with Dream88 Affiliates. You can use banners, emails, articles or text documents to create links. If you promote or distribute our advertisements in an improper way, we will immediately terminate this agreement.

Company Code of Conduct and Responsibilities

The Company provides graphic content and text which is permitted to be placed on the Affiliate's website under general terms and conditions. Affiliates can display these ads on their websites as much as possible. By creating an account on the partner website, each member must agree to the rules, policies, and procedures on the website. The Company will monitor each member on behalf of the affiliate. The Company will provide a report on member’s activities to each partner, and the Company, at its sole discretion, has the right to consider its content and frequency.

Terms and Termination

Once you are approved as our affiliate, the terms and conditions are effective until either party gives written notice to the other party to terminate this agreement. In the event that this agreement is terminated immediately, the right to terminate this contract is at the will of each party, regardless of reasons. In giving notice to the other party about the termination of the contract, the sending of an email to the affiliate's registered email address shall be a written and effective means of notification.